10 Facts About Letter Create Studio

  1.  We do private parties at the studio, at your home or at a local venue.  Just email us for details:  lettercreatestudio @ gmail .com
  2. We have our studio downtown Appleton at the Edison Center right by Pullmans
  3. We provide calligraphy services, which include calligraphy for wedding invitations, thank you and other stationery items.
  4. We LOVE bullet journaling!  We sometimes have bullet journaling workshops.
  5. We do 2 retreats each year – a spring art retreat that focuses on art and relaxation and a fall retreat focusing on crafts and they are both hosted at Palmquist Farm
  6. We teach calligraphy workshops using a completely different model than what you would find elsewhere.
  7. We make our own fonts for our calligraphy workbooks and workshops.  But we also do calligraphy workshops based on traditional fonts like copperplate!
  8. Every time someone comes into our studio they leave with a new skill and new friendships.  Our mission is to create community!
  9. We also do board painting, watercolor, drawing, collage and other art forms in our studio.
  10. We also do community events and support our community with donations and sponsorships.
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