These are the top 10 supplies to have on hand during Virtual School – you can find so many ways to use these supplies and I use them in all my classes on Outschool and in my studio for virtual classes!

  1.  A good set of watercolor paints that use pigments so they last longer than regular watercolor paints.  Windsor and Newton is my favorite brand –
  2. A set of oil pastels.  These are really versatile for art projects and portraits and they are also portable. Pentel Arts are my favorite brand of oil pastels –  
  3. Markers.  You can get any standard set of washable markers but I prefer markers like Tombow Dual Tip brush pen/makers.  I have sets that are over three years old that have been extensively used by my students and myself in the studio and stood the test of time and they are not expensive.
  4. Pencils.  Really good drawing pencils or a set of drawing pencils.  Not only are they portable but you can truly see the difference when you take different attempts at drawing.  Prismacolor brand consistently gets my vote as my favorite.  I buy them for my son even though they are a little pricier than other brands they really are a great art tool that last a long time.  You can also find these offline.
  5. Strathmore Watercolor Paper is my favorite type of paper for brush pen lettering, watercolor painting and art.  There are other brands out there that I feel are good, but this one is my favorite.
  6. White Sulphite paper.  This is something you use in tons of projects with pastels, markers, paints or even watercolor or brush markers.  This paper type is a solid and reliable base for art projects.
  7. Extra fine sharpies are a staple.  I do love micron pens but the more affordable and equivalent is Sharpies.  You can do a lot of drawing and lining with these pens.  Micron comes in more options but the extra fine sharpies are a consistent and reliable alternative if you cannot access Micron.
  8. A set of Acrylic Paints.  Brand has not been a consistent love for me.  I can use any acrylic paint brand for my projects but if you have a brand you love then pick that one.  I use these paints for a variety of projects and they work well on most all surfaces so you have a reliable paint that you can use.
  9. A set of paintbrushes.  It doesn’t have to be the fanciest ones out there, just having them on hand is good.  Brand is important when you are getting into fine arts but for every day use any brand will do
  10. Colored Pencils.  This is a great option for incorporating finer lines into watercolor paintings or for coloring in spaces.  You can also get a watercolor pencil that will blend with water.  My favorite brands for color pencils are Prismacolor or Crayola.  Crayola has a great line of color options for their pencils.