Before the pandemic – actually a week before we could no longer travel the boys and I took a weekend at the Palmquist Farm for a little getaway and some cross country skiing.  Cell phones do not work here and internet is hard to find but the time spent there is amazing.  We did puzzles, read books, hiked around the property and we enjoyed cozy nights by the fire.  There are no TVs, game stations or computers here.

Letter Create has hosted retreats here – twice a year – one in the spring focused on in arts and one in the fall focused on fall and Christmas crafts.  This year we had to cancel our spring retreat because of the coronavirus pandemic with hopes of rescheduling in the future.  We have decided to take our fall retreat way down to scale to include only people we know and only a very very small group of people that have taken the precautions to stay as safe as we can.

However, there will be a day when we can do these retreats again and I just want to highlight some of the reasons why I love Palmquist Farm!

  1. Helen’s Cooking – her cinnamon rolls, her brown butter cake, her ribs, her white fish with the tartar sauce, the vegetables, the side dishes….the list goes on and on.  She also has a cookbook that you can purchase and learn all of these amazing recipes!  
  2. The cozy accommodations with zero distractions like TVs and game stations.
  3. The warm fires in the lodge where our crafting and art take place!  Even when its the spring!
  4. The lovely people that come and enjoy the retreats and leave as friends!
  5. Cross Country Skiing – they even have the equipment for little ones!
  6. The winter sleigh rides with their draft horses on the trails of the farm!
  7. The space we have to do our arts and crafts together!
  8. The finished craft projects from our art retreats!  They are always so cute!
  9. The winery next door for tastings and a change of scenery!
  10. The beautiful scenery