Calligraphy For Your Wedding

Pinterest has inspired an entire new realm of wedding planning, giving brides-to-be tons of do-it-yourself ideas to save you money.  Sometimes these ideas are genius and sometimes these ideas turn into the infamous “Pinterest Fails”.

Pinterest Fails end up costing you more in time and some in money, and ultimately you have to pay the full price for the “real” service or product in the end.

Calligraphy is something that you can learn and perfect in a few months, maybe even weeks, if you are taught the proper techniques.

I have personally taken over 20 online courses, 5-8 different in-person workshops and own and attempted about 30 different lettering, calligraphy and flourish books.  Always hoping there was some “secret” that I was missing, trying to figure out why mine didn’t look like their’s.

None of it is true.  Calligraphy comes down to basic techniques that are taught in our Step 1:  Basics class or in our Intensive workshops.  Basics include a lot of things that these books, videos, and workshops miss.  We go through the letters in “neighborhoods”.

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We have calligraphy classes in Appleton, calligraphy classes in Chicago and lettering classes in Milwaukee and Madison.

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