Flourish and Bloom Art Getaway at Palmquist Farm

Flourish and Bloom is the one personal growth and creative retreat that you do not want to miss. We will be focusing on the art form of calligraphy in an intensive, day long series of classes, followed by a day of intensive series focusing on watercolor painting. We will also have opportunities of pampering and reconnecting with your creative self. There will be a masseuse, full access to the Finnish sauna on premise, and other opportunities to allow yourself a weekend of relaxation, rest and focus on what matters most.

Retreat will be Memorial Day Weekend (3 nights) at Palmquist Farm in Brantwood, WI.

Friday, May 24th – Monday, May 27th

Retreat Schedule

Friday night you will arrive around 4 and get settled into your own personal space. If you come with a group of friends you will all be put together in your own little cabin with your own bathroom, fireplace and unobstructed views of the landscape. If you come alone you will not have to share a room with anyone else – everyone will have their own sanctuary to rest and focus. After you get settled you will stop by the art studio we will have set up for you in the main hall – grab a cocktail, have a chat with all of us and get ready for an amazing dinner prepared by Helen Palmquist.

Saturday you will spend the day learning calligraphy in the modern form. There will not be a lot of rules to follow with this form of calligraphy. Marisol is our resident modern calligrapher. She will lead you through a series of workshops showing you how to use a pen and ink in the classical form with a modern twist. She will be using her own signature font. There will be a grand breakfast served by Helen as well as Dinner. We will have plenty of healthy options and snacks for you to have throughout the day so you will always be satisfied. You do have the option to leave and check out the winery or venture even further down the road to see what you can find.

Sunday you will spend the day with Tracy learning the art of Watercolor, this will be a more formal day of learning. There will be 5 different lessons with an intense focus on the formal techniques of watercolor. There will be final projects and plenty of instruction for you to take in – so we will be certain to have coffee at the ready for you to keep going! You will also have the same day of meals planned as Saturday with Breakfast and Dinner by Helen and plentiful snacks and bites in the art studio. You will never feel hungry (the breakfast is a true, hearty farm breakfast).

Monday is your day to relax and focus on all things creative. We will be in the art studio all morning with our supplies, working on the techniques you learned and creating more art at your leisure. Maybe you just want to relax and chat or go for a hike. This is your morning to rise and shine or rise and relax if you choose to do so. We will check out before lunch.

What Is Included

All supplies, including calligraphy and watercolor supplies, will be yours to keep. We choose high quality products that we use ourselves in the studio. We will also be on hand on Monday to answer any additional questions. Everyone will also go home with their own PDF file workbook for the calligraphy (that is over 100 pages in length) as well as a detailed set of sheets for Watercolor (so you never have to memorize what you learned). All of your meals are included – Breakfast and Dinners (depending on the day as outlined above), snacks and plenty of healthy options – as well as water and wine. You are more than welcome to bring a stash of snacks, treats, wine or other drinks as you desire. You will also be sleeping in very comfortable and cozy lodging. This is a true retreat where you will be focusing on your relaxation so cell service can be a little spotty at times, however there is wifi at various locations throughout the entire property.

**If you are brining children, the cost for lodging and the retreat will be a reduced cost, please email us for more information

The Cost To Attend

The cost to attend this retreat is broken down into two payments. The first one is your nonrefundable security deposit of $400 per person. This can be paid here online. If you need to do a payment plan for this, please contact us at so we can assist you with that. The second cost is paid to Palmquist Farm at checkout and this is for the accommodations, food and amenities directly to the farm. This cost will depend on the number of people and any special arrangements – bigger groups will get a discount (Shared Room/Shared Bathroom).

**We are offering $200 off with the code 200GUEST

Private Room/Private Bathroom $472 pp
Private Room/Shared Bathroom $382 pp
Shared Room/Shared Bathroom $362 pp

After you pay your Deposit to hold your spot, we will call you to arrange your room arrangement.

The payment plan includes the $400 Deposit only. The remaining amount (listed as 2nd payment) is due directly to the farm on the day of checkout – which depends on our accommodation choice.


All our cabins have wood-burning fireplaces and comfortable, country-style décor. Each one is unique, cozy, and rustic in the best way. Each participant will enjoy a private bedroom (unless you choose to share with a friend/family.), but due to limited space you may have to share a bathroom. However, if you come with a group of friends you will be given your own space to share with your friends.


The Palmquists are of Finnish farming heritage, and Finnish farmers’ wives know how to cook—hearty, robust, bountiful, using the best ingredients, and often! Our meals are nutritious and well-balanced with a variety of meats, soups, vegetables, salads, and desserts, featuring some special Finnish dishes including The Farm’s award-winning creamed rice and raspberry sauce, oven pancakes with pure Maple Syrup, and Finnish whole wheat bread. Mealtime is always a treat! We can also accommodate dietary needs if you give us a heads up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Palmquist Farm?
Palmquist Farm is located in Brantwood, Wisconsin. It takes us about 2.5 hours to get there, depending on the number of stops at cute shops we make! It is up near Rhinelander, but down a short dirt road!

What are the accommodations like?
They are rustic in style and cozy but not without amenities or comforts. You will have your own sleeping space – no sharing a room with someone you do not know. If you come with a group you get your own little cabin. You will have your own bathroom – inside your cabin with a full bathroom, small fridge, microwave and coffee maker. Most of the cabins also have fireplaces and gorgeous views.

What food is provided?
Palmquist makes the most AMAZING meals. They will be providing you with a huge breakfast that is made from scratch and a huge dinner that is amazing. We will be providing a light lunch which will consist of snacks, fruits and veggie snacks. We never go hungry. You can also bring your own snacks, wine, drinks or whatever you like. We also provide coffee, tea, water and wine for the opening night and several times throughout the retreat.

What activities can you participate in?
Aside from the day long instruction in calligraphy on Saturday and a day of watercolor on Sunday, there will be plenty of time to also explore the area and the farm. There is a winery that is in very close proximity to the farm, a big Finnish sauna that is ready for you when you would like, a masseuse that visits the farm for massages (we will give you booking details about a week before the retreat), there are many trails through the large property and woods to go exploring, a few cute nearby shops and more – for more ideas here is a link to the area region: Brantwood on Travel Wisconsin

What do we need to know about connectivity or WiFi?
Palmquist is rustic in decor but is not lacking amenities that you would find at home with a few exceptions. You will not have the best Wi-Fi connection and your cell service may be spotty. However, in our experience we have never had an issue getting calls on our cell phones, the wifi is excellent in the main lodge and the hall where we do classes, as well as a few of the cabins. You will not have the fastest LTE network there, but you will still be able to (depending on your carrier) make and receive calls. There are no televisions. If you require a TV to fall asleep, we would recommend you bring a radio, pre-recorded movies on your laptop or ipad or a sound machine.

What should I pack for my trip?

Snacks and drinks that you prefer. We provide a huge variety of snack options, bottled water, coffee and tea. But if you have special preferences you can bring those if you like.

Towels. Palmquist provides all fresh bed linens but they do not have towels for the guests in the cabins. If you forget a towel, Helen has always provided us with one as needed!

Otherwise, we provide all the materials and supplies for the classes and the rest of what you might need is at the farm!

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