Calling local businesses in the Fox Cities Area!

Letter Create is sponsoring a community scavenger hunt!  There is no cost for businesses to participate, there are no obligations to participate in anyway and there are no requirements for you.

Here are the rules for participants trying to “win”:

  1. Do not enter the business (to stay in line with Covid-19 precautions and to avoid disrupting your business)
  2. Only take a phot of the challenge (do not touch, disrupt or trespass)
  3. Only participate during regular business hours
  4. Participants are not expected to complete this in one day – they will have from December 1st through December 31st – giving families something to look forward to over the break

Here are the incentives for the “winners”:

  1.  I am giving away a 6 month subscription box to my Whimsical and Wanderlust Subscription Box
  2. I am giving away gift cards for art classes for virtual art classes at my studio
  3. I will come up with a few runner up stationery items

*If you want to add something to this – it would be super awesome for promoting (even if it is small) but greatly appreciated – not required though!  I am just happy to promote you!  

Here is what I am going to do and ask from businesses:

  1. Please email me a photo of any Christmas display or holiday you have at your businesses (so I can pick something from that for a clue) OR please tell me something unique, historical or clever that is easy but challenging to figure out about your business location (I.e. the oldest building in XYZ)
  2. Please email me your Instagram, Facebook and/or website so that I can tag, mention and include them in the scavenger hunt – Ideally I would like participants to tag you or mention you as they complete and find the tasks on the list, but if they do not do social media they can instead email me their PDF of their completed scavenger hunt.
  3. I will email you once the scavenger hunt is compiled together – with the page on my website – if you want to include it in your promotions – but definitely not required.
  4. I will be promoting this to my social media following, newsletter and website (which hits over 75K combined each month) – regardless of your size of audience (size does not matter!!) – it would be awesome if you mentioned it too.  However, not required at all!

To contact me to participate, give me details or donate a “prize” to the scavenger event –