Letter Create Now Offers Virtual Craft Classes and An Online Art Retreat


Letter Create now offers the following virtual and online options

*Past and current clients that are in pending status with past classes we are still working on the details of rescheduling your class.  In the meantime you will get access to our online calligraphy course, Step 1, for free, just send us an email to get the code.

Details on Virtual Craft Classes and Online Art Classes

  • We are limiting attendance to 10 people (for ease of communicating and forming new friendships through an online platform)
  • Supplies can either be bought by you beforehand or if you would like us to provide your supplies you can do Curbside pick up at our storefront by appointment or you can have them shipped to you.  When you check out for the class you will choose the option that best suits you and your budget.
  • Classes are done “live” online via Google Meet or Zoom (it depends on which platform is least glitchy that day) – I have seen it go back and forth for this process

Details on our Learn Create Online Summit

  • We are going to gather together several artists and creators for a weekend summit for Memorial Day Weekend.  This conference will be online for you to access after the even for up to 6 months.
  • We are also giving those that upgrade access to a monthly creative magazine workbook and access to our VIP Private Facebook Group
  • If you are interested in presenting at our summit please send an email to info@lettercreate.com

Details on Virtual Parties

  • These are limited to 15 participants
  • We will work with you to plan out your art or craft project
  • Supplies can either be bought by the participant, curbside pick up or shipped
  • This will be a live, interactive experience – if it is children or teens we can include some games and interactive activities including the craft project

Details on our Retail Space

  • At this time we are looking for people that would like to sell on consignment until we can get our store in operation.
  • We are going to do shopping by appointment only (you can shop when you want – just send us an email at info@lettercreate.com – shopping opportunity will begin May 15th
  • We will have extremely limited store hours (Saturdays and Sundays) this summer and it will have to be with social distancing and mask precautions – I personally will not be there but I will have other people there to help you with your shopping experience