Letter Create Online Summit – Virtual Opportunity For Artists and Crafters


I am launching the end of May.  I know short term notice but times are making us change things around a little!
Learn Create Online Creative Summit
All-inclusive art and craft retreat online for all ages and all experience levels. We will also have courses on how to expand your creativity to online business!
We have joined with several artists and creatives to give you an online experience with different opportunities to learn how to expand your creativity and artistic skills.
*Open to all ages
*Open to all skill levels
*Access To Replay The Summit
*Upgrade to Get A Supply Kit and 12 Months of Creative Workbooks
I am looking for makers and artists that could do a 15-60 minute art or craft lesson – utilizing the first 3-5 minutes to talk about you, your business, and what you have to offer.  I will be sending out a magazine workbook each month for premium attendees which will include some of my calligraphy workbooks and a feature of makers and artists (in rotation) each month with your contact information and offerings.
**this can be pre-recorded, it does not have to be “live”.
The deadline for your bio for the website is May 6th
The deadline for your video (if you are not going live) is May 18th.
If you promote and bring anyone to our summit you will get 40% of their registration.  After you sign up for a talk spot you will be given the link to share with your market.
If you are interested please let me know or just click the link above to sign up.