Letter Create Studio Update

I am making a concentrated effort to keep everything updated with the studio!  I am also managing the schooling of two kids by myself (single mom life!) and the build out of my new studio that won’t be allowed to be open.

My goal going forward between all of these things is to do a Facebook Live Daily at 8:30 AM and if I can in the afternoon, otherwise in the afternoon and the evening.  I am going to not commit to times or days going forward!  It’s really hard to maintain the free craft lessons and the boys!  But I will at least make a daily appearance!

Cancelled Classes and Workshops and Retreat

Classes will resume ASAP.  Those that missed their classes during this time – per the email sent out and the newsletter sent out about a month ago.  They will be reschedule in the new studio as soon as we can do that!  You will receive a notification of the options to reschedule online.  Classes that were already paid for in the meantime will get access to our online calligraphy course – step 1 for free (see below announcement).  Retreat is still planned and will be changed to another weekend if necessary.

Calligraphy Course Online

I have finally launched the Letter Create Calligraphy Step 1 Class and I am filming Step 2 Courses!  I would recommend concentrating on Step 1 for a week or so (what I always recommend in my in person studio classes too). Here is the link to get the introductory price of $19.99 – unless you are a past client or one waiting for a future class to be reschedule, in which case the class is free for a week for you (send me an email at LetterCreateStudio@gmail.com so I can look you up in the system and get you that code!).


Christmas Mystery Boxes

If you would like to participate in this project you will be required to email us – you will get a box filled with a variety of items to create something creative.  You will need to send us a pic, post it on Facebook and/or Instagram and tag us.  Best ideas will get prizes.

Email us your Name, When you can do porch pick up (Appleton) and what your Facebook and Instagram username is


Giveaway of All Samples That Are Not Going To The Store

We are giving away our samples from the Facebook Live events – if you would like to be on the giveaway list all you need to do is add your name to our newsletter list here:  Newsletter Sign Up