When the pandemic started I had to really figure out ways to teach art classes virtually and still give my learners an interactive experience they have come to expect at my in-person studio.  There were many challenges with Zoom, Facebook Live, streaming and any other app and platform you can think of.  Here are my best tips for teaching.

If you are interested in teaching on Outschool, which has been quite successful for me –you can learn more at this link.

  1. When you use zoom, to enhance your look without the use of a lot of makeup, choose the feature under Meeting Settings “Touch Up My Appearance”.  It is minor but it does make a little difference if you are short on time!
  2. If you are teaching a class and you need to show your work (for example when I do art work) – you will need to login a second device on your Zoom meeting BUT turn off the sound or it will echo.  Join the meeting with no sound.
  3. Good Internet – without this you will not be able to teach online without tech issues.  I learned this early on and had to have my internet completely redone.
  4. If you are teaching a class with a second device you will need to get some type of tripod to hold your phone.  I found these inexpensivly on Amazon – like this one – **this is the exact one that I own
  5. Make sure your hands or nails look groomed.  This was an impossible task for me as I use calligraphy inks but I discovered a super easy solution – of all things Color Street – I loved them so much and buy them so much I decided to sell them too.

Color Street nail polish (and they do buy 3 get 1 free) –  Click here to learn more about this inexpensive “fix

    • Base, color, and top coats of high-quality liquid nail polish in each strip.
    • No dry time, smudges, or streaks. Lasts up to 10 days.
    • 100% real nail polish, not stickers. Flexible—can be gently stretched for a perfect fit.