What are the essentials for Brush Lettering?

Brush Lettering Essentials

What do you need to start Brush Lettering on your own without a class?

First, you need a workbook to teach you letter formation – you can get ours here on Teachers Pay TeachersBrush Lettering Workbook, Hand Lettering Worksheets, Calligraphy Lesson

Next, you need paper to copy or print the workbook – my favorite one is the HP 32 Bright paper.  It is the best for any type of lettering practice or final piece!  You can get it here on Amazon for only $14.44 for a 500 Sheet Ream that lasts, what seems forever!

Then you need to pick which Brush Pens you want.

I avoid the Crayola brand ones and the Target store brand ones because they have frayed quickly.  My all-time favorite brush bens that last FOREVER, do not fray and hold their color and that is Tom Bows!  Here are options I Love:

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